Why You Should Join Us

Each year our Annual Conference provides an opportunity
for the SFI community —

from landowner to brandowner, conservation and community organizations, university professionals and students, government agencies to resource professionals — to come together and learn about new research in conservation; renew partnerships and make new ones; and exchange ideas about how to improve forestry practices for the sake of healthy, thriving forests upon which all of us rely. In short the SFI Annual Conference is a time to connect, cooperate grow and improve.


Be part of the signature conference positioned at the nexus of environmental, social, and economic issues – where healthy forests, vibrant communities, and responsible purchasing come together to improve society.


Attend informative sessions where you can learn about the emerging issues that will drive forest management and forest supply chains over the next 20 years. And you can earn continuing education credits.


Engage in open discussions and forums with your peers and colleagues where fresh thinking and new ideas are on offer.


Make connections with old friends and expand your professional circle. From C-suite executives to frontline resource professionals, they’re all here at the SFI Annual Conference.

Voices from 2017 Conference Speakers and Participants
“It would be hard to overstate the importance of the forest sector in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that there can be no global solution to climate change without the forest sector. It’s that important. Why? Because as you know, forestry is unique among resource sectors in that it actually takes carbon out of the air.”
The Honourable Jim Carr
Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources
“We are just thrilled to be here in this milieu of people who are all committed to sustainable management of our forests.”
Healy Hamilton
Vice President for Conservation Science, NatureServe
“Forests have never been under the stress that they are today, which is why we embrace the story around sustainability that SFI is working on…Healthy forests are really key, not just for productivity and growth but for the very sustainability of the planet which we share.”
Inger Andersen
Director General, International Union for Conservation of Nature
“I’m incredibly proud of the relationship that we have [with SFI] and the dream that we have of having a dual [PAR-SFI] logo on a Canadian Forest product here in Canada at some point in the near future.”
JP Gladu
President and CEO Canadian Council for Aboriginal Busines

2019 Registration Rates

Registrant Type

Early Bird

(extended through September 6, 2019)


(After September 6 through day of event)
SFI Program Participant
(Includes all SFI participants and certificate holders, SFI Applicants, SFI Board of Directors, ERP & SICs; and US PEFC certificate holders)
$625.00 USD $725.00 USD
Non-SFI Program Participant $725.00 USD $825.00 USD
Non-Profit organizations
(This registration type is open to representatives of tax exempt, non-profit conservation, community and social-purpose organizations, colleges or universities, as well as Aboriginal and Tribal entities.) Trade associations are ineligible for this discount.
$475.00 USD $550.00 USD
(includes all meal functions starting with Tuesday’s Presidents reception, daily breakfasts, Annual Awards Luncheon, Annual Reception and Dinner through Thursday’s closing lunch.)
$200.00 USD $250.00 USD
Conference Registration Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be made in writing by October 1. Refunds will be given less a $50.00 USD processing fee. No refunds will be issued after October 1.
Special Discounts
Share SFI with a Colleague
How do you discuss the value of SFI with your business partners, suppliers, customers or colleagues? You bring them to the SFI Conference, of course! And we’re providing an incentive to do just that. Bring a professional colleague from outside your organization who has never before attended an SFI conference and receive a 15% discount on your registration and your guest’s. Invite your customer, your government or conservation contact, or anyone from across your supply-chain and help us reach out to new partners!
The More the Merrier!
When three or more individuals from a single organization register at the same time, each individual will receive a 10% discount on their registration. Note this discount cannot be combined with other discounts, and only applies to full-price registrations. Be sure to register as a group within the registration system to take advantage of this great offer.
To take advantage of any of these discounts, please contact Amy Doty at or (202) 596-3458.

Student Scholarships

SFI is once again providing opportunities for undergraduate or graduate environmental science, natural resources, and sustainability students to attend our conference.

Thanks to financial support from several SFI Program Participants and partners, SFI will provide funding for several students to attend. The scholarship will cover registration, 2-night hotel stay, meals, and up to a $100 travel stipend. In return for the scholarship, we ask students to bring some aspect of the SFI conference back to their school – e.g., an article for a school newsletter, a presentation to a class or student forum, blog post, etc.

Any students interested in a scholarship to the SFI 2017 conference should send an email to Rocco Saracina, Manager, Conservation Partnerships. Each student should provide the following information:

  1. Student name
  2. School name
  3. Degree being pursued and any specialization (also degree level, Bachelors, Masters, etc.)
  4. What aspect of the SFI annual conference is of particular interest (e.g., certain subject areas, sessions, speakers, or past examples of topics covered)?

If you have any questions please contact Rocco by email at or by phone at 202-596-3459.

Student Sponsorship and Mentorship Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about student sponsorship opportunities, or becoming a student mentor, please contact Rocco Saracina, Manager of Conservation Partnerships by email at or by phone at 202-596-3459.

Read Rocco’s blog about the 2014 participants: As Diverse as the World’s Forests

Read Rocco’s blog about the 2015 participants: Celebrating the Past, Looking Towards the Future

Past Experiences
“Thank you for arranging such an amazing experience for us students at the SFI conference. I learned more than I could have imaged and made some great new contacts during the event. I am sure the experience will prove to be valuable as I continue my research and education at UGA!”
Chantal Tumpach
University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

2016 Student Scholar
“I really appreciate how much my understanding of SFI has increased through attending the conference. The organization really is much more than just a certification program and is doing really incredible things all across our continent…I especially appreciated being exposed to so many people of very diverse educational backgrounds and expertise.”
Sylvia Ann Weir
North Carolina State University

2016 Student Scholar
“Thanks again for all the effort you put into the SFI conference and the student program. I was very impressed by how well the students were integrated into the community, and how welcoming everyone was. I think you’ll appreciate knowing the networking didn’t stop when the conference ended. I sat next to Doug Onley from Yakama Forest Products on my flight to Seattle, and we spent the flight talking about forestry in Washington and Idaho.”
Rebecca Sheridan
University of Idaho

2015 Student Scholar
“I can’t emphasize enough how important this program is; we do need the next generation of foresters to be leaders with the right mind set on issues like conservation and sustainability. I think this program offers the right opportunity to work on that.”
Daniel G. Scognamillo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Wildlife Ecology and Conservation/GIS,
Stephen F. Austin State University

2015 Student Mentor
“It was a great experience. I was able to further understand how forest certification works, while making good contacts in the process. It was extremely helpful to have assigned mentors.”
Jasmine Slater
University of Toronto, Masters in Forestry

2014 Student Scholar
“Thank you for everything at the conference from the networking opportunities to the hospitality. We had a great time.”
Hina Alam
University of Toronto

2014 Student Scholar
“SFI Conference was an excellent place to network with various forest stakeholders. Forests should remain healthy and productive to maintain the resilience of the social-ecological system — forest certification plays a significant role here. It is also important to gap the divide between people and nature. I had only learned about forest certification and sustainablity in my Ecosystem Stewardship class Through this conference, I understood how these concepts were being applied in the real world by various organizations.”
Texas A&M University Student

2013 Student Scholar