The 2020 SFI Annual Conference is an opportunity to engage on key sustainability issues and learn about the solutions that forests can provide. Join thought leaders and influencers including conservation and community partners, corporate sustainability executives, Indigenous leaders, environmental educators, and engaged forest product customers from across the U.S. and Canada to discuss how we can work together to address global and local sustainability challenges.

SFI’s mission is to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaborations. This year’s conference theme, Growing Solutions, builds on our mission by addressing key topics including:

  • the importance of forests in addressing climate change and species at risk,
  • the influence of forest certification on corporate ESG commitments,
  • how employers in the forest sector are engaging the next generation of leaders,
  • innovation in green building,
  • the role of forest products in the circular economy and more.

Registration for the 2020 SFI Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 20-23, opens soon!

Highlights from 2019 SFI Annual Conference

  • 94% of attendees said they’d recommend the SFI Annual Conference to a colleague
  • Four days; 20 sessions, workshops and presentations; and 16 networking events
  • People came from around the world representing 8 countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, and United Kingdom
  • SFI’s student mentorship program included 27 students from 13 universities.

Highlights from Past SFI Annual Conferences

Watch the highlights from past SFI Annual Conferences held in Colorado, Ottawa, Clearwater Beach, Florida, Olympic Valley, California, Montreal, Quebec and San Antonio, Texas – key speaker take-aways, awards ceremony, conference participants, exhibitor booths, and all the fun that was had by all.